Graduate jobs post-Brexit

The dust may have settled on the Brexit result, but as Theresa May – and the rest of the world – ponder what a post-Brexit future will look like, we consider the prospects for graduates.

What does a Hedge Fund Manager actually do?

Hedge funds and Hedge Fund Managers are more infamous than understood. For many people, they’re “something to do with the City” and not to be trusted. We find out what a hedge fund is, and look at hedge fund managers – are they number-crunching nerds or wide boys making deals?

4 great finance jobs in central London

London’s got its swagger back. Last year it overtook New York as the most competitive financial centre in the world according to a survey of executives. More than 300 banks are located in the City, and lest we forget that London is the home of the global Fintech revolution.

Here are four of the top finance jobs in London.

I Started Life as a Finance Trainee

Traineeships are a great way to launch your career in finance. We spoke to two high-flyers – one in the finance department of a cutting edge FinTech start-up, the other in an investment bank – about how traineeships benefited their careers.

The Buck Stops Here: The Role of the Finance Project Manager

Projects that are carried out within the finance sector have to be performed with great diligence, because the industry deals with other people’s money and all results are scrutinised – whether it be an account statement or an insurance schedule.

Can you make it in Finance as a Part-Timer?

As society’s attitude towards a work/life balance changes and employers look for the most cost-effective ways of hiring talent, part-time opportunities in finance are on the rise. We asked those in the know about how suitable the finance industry is for part-timers and what skills or roles are valued the most.

What 20 years in finance have taught me

In one of a series of posts celebrating Jobsite’s 20th anniversary, we take a look at the career of a seasoned finance professional, Richard Bottomley. Among many other achievements, Richard was awarded an OBE for his services to accountancy and business in the north-east. Here, he tells us about his work and offers advice for those keen to follow a similar path to his own…

5 Entry-Level Jobs in Insurance

Insurance is a global industry that offers brilliant career prospects. But what’s the best way to get your foot on the ladder? Here are five entry-level jobs in insurance that guarantee a strong future in the industry…

Making it in Financial Services Marketing

From fintech (financial technology) start-ups to high street banks, the UK has a thriving financial services sector that’s dependent on strong marketing departments and their marketers. So much so, we thought it high time we outlined the role of a Financial Services Marketer…

Contracting Jobs in Finance

We recently looked at fixed-term contracts and how they differ from permanent positions. Here, we examine the growth of contracting jobs in finance – one of the most vital functions for any business, and one that’s rapidly evolving…