How to Get a Job – Your Action Plan

Looking for a new job? It can be hard to know where to begin. We’ve put together a plan to help you land your dream job quickly.

What are companies really asking for?

Many companies can’t help talking in business-speak – and for people new to the workplace, this can be both baffling and intimidating. Here, we attempt to decode job adverts by demystifying some of the most common words and phrases used by organisations when advertising for prospective employees.

Converting a temporary job into a permanent one

While some employers are still demonstrating reluctance to take on large numbers of permanent staff, the temp-to-perm jobs market is booming, providing both employers and employees with a valuable ‘try before you buy’ option. But if you have found a position that you could see yourself happily staying in for the long term, what can you do about making that happen?  

Security matters: What it takes to make it in personnel security

If you think security work won’t go anywhere, then you’re mistaken. A job in security can provide a wealth of opportunity and a rewarding career. We spoke to former nightclub bouncer, bodyguard and shop doorman, George Bright, for the lowdown on security jobs… 

What does it take to make it in graphic design?

Graphic design is a popular choice for students across the UK. And it’s not surprising: it’s one of the few genuinely creative jobs that lets you earn like a salaried employee but create like an artist. So what does it take to bag yourself a great job in graphic design? We spoke to five people actually in great graphic design jobs to find out…

Time to set yourself up for a new job in 2016?

It’s easy to be cynical about a “New year, new you” philosophy but in the working world many employees are proving that this is one resolution you can stick to. Indeed, in January 2015, research conducted by Investors in People (IIP) revealed that: “57% of the UK workforce – 17.4 million people – [were] considering moving jobs.” Are you one of the people interesting in pursuing a new job in 2016? Well, we have all the tools you need…

Who got a job in January?

As you may have read, the start of the year can be an excellent time to consider your career options, for a variety of reasons. But when it comes to people finding new jobs, which industries are blooming, going steady or stalling? Let’s take a look at the findings of our Year on Year and Month on Month polls in 10 key industries and find out…

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The strength of the IT sector’s performance depends very much on how you interpret the data. On the one

New Year, new job?

Each January, as many as 40% of us start looking for a new job. And, unlike New Year’s resolutions, it’s a big change that you can make work. Here are five great reasons for you to kick off your job hunt now – as well as some helpful pointers on where to start. 

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Why January 2015 is the perfect month to explore career opportunities:

Underemployment – hours cut? skills not being utilised?

Had your hours cut at work? Stuck on a zero hours contract with no idea what you’ll earn this month? This is the world of underemployment. And there are many in the same boat.

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Since 2008, underemployment has risen by one million. There are now more than three million people (or one in ten employees) who want to work more hours than they are being offered.

Getting Your Career Back on Track

Have you ever been forced to take a job you didn’t really want? Has a company restructure left you feeling out in the cold? Maybe your hours have been cut, or worse, you’ve been made redundant?

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No matter how old you are, or how successful you have been at work, there are many things that can affect your career adversely. The key to overcoming such setbacks is to stay positive about your abilities and take control of the opportunities ahead. Don’t sit there waiting for things to change – try following these tips and make change