Six Ways to Get the Edge at Interviews

With 8 applications for every vacancy*, competition for jobs is tough. We look at the skills and tools that can help give you the edge at interview.

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1. Career Coaching

Career coaches look at your career, skills, experiences and interests and then help you figure out what you could be doing and how to get there. If you can’t afford professional coaching, it’s still worth talking to friends and colleagues and asking their perspective.

Graduate Outlook: Pay Levels and Salary Negotiation

Finishing university is a great accomplishment. Three or four years of hard work, late night study sessions with deadlines fast approaching and nervous moments stood by the printer with your credits running low. However obtaining a degree is not the end; it is merely the beginning of your journey into employment. This comes with several challenges in itself, finding your ideal profession, competing heavily for each role and then surviving on entry level pay with some substantial student debt looming over your shoulder.  

There have been a number of recent studies that were greeted with approval by the mainstream press

How to Succeed at An Assessment Centre: The Assessor’s Perspective

Following on from our assessment centre article last week we caught up with Tania Creavalle, a Talent Acquisition Associate at Aegis Media. Tania assesses candidates who will fill Aegis Media’s apprentice, intern, graduate and school leaver roles.

We spoke with her about the assessment process, and the right and wrong ways for candidates to ensure they stand out to an assessor.

Testing the Nation: The Rise of the Assessment Centre

As we all know, competition for jobs is tough, in particular for young people with more than a million out of work. Assessment centres are used by companies in a bid to hire the best applicants, but a whole day of tests and group exercises can seem a daunting prospect to candidates.

In this post we’re looking at assessment centres and trying to answer some key questions: What do assessment centres involve? Do they give an applicant the chance to excel? And perhaps most importantly, how do you prepare for an assessment

Could you handle these curveball interview questions?

We’ve all heard rumours of those bizarre or surreal questions which totally stump and surprise interviewees. Most interviews stick to the tried and tested route of asking you to describe a time when you demonstrated certain skills e.g. working under pressure or overcoming challenges, but just occasionally, interviewers decide to get creative and things get strange. Heineken took that to a whole new level, with the video below, showing the most unpredictable interview a job candidate could face.

But regular interviews sometimes include curveballs too. Earlier this year, the American career guidance company Glassdoor analysed over 300,000 of them,