Don’t like your job? Top questions to ask if you’re considering a career change

If your current job doesn’t excite you as much as it used to, you’re not alone! So, if you’ve had a change of heart about your career, read on to see the top questions you should ask yourself before deciding to make the jump. 

Paul McPherson: How I Became a Design Engineer

Paul McPherson is a Junior Design Engineer at Owen Mumford who holds a BSc in Product Design. His current role includes the design of injection devices and he is a creative team player who adds value in his work through innovation and positive contribution.

Good times for graduates in marketing

For graduates looking to launch a career in marketing and for those already working in the sector, the future is bright, says a survey: The EMR Salary and Market Trend Report 2016 uses the marketing industry’s performance of the past 12 months to forecast the sector’s future performance.

Corporate or start-up: which culture works for you?

When it comes to finding the right job, it’s not only about the pay, location or holiday entitlement. Sure those things are important, but so is the type of company you are working for. Will a corporate organisation guarantee you long-term career success? Does the flexibility offered at a start-up appeal to you? We look at the pros and cons of both company cultures…

How to make working from home work for you

Have you dreamt of swapping your daily hour-long commute for a short stroll to your home office, or being able to do business in your pyjamas? With technology making remote communication a breeze and companies adopting a more flexible approach to working patterns, working from home has never been more possible. We investigate the benefits and drawbacks.

Negotiating a Pay Rise

With salaries rising slowly, or even stagnating in some sectors and companies, it’s easy to get caught behind the market rate for the job that you do. Negotiating for a pay increase can be a difficult and anxious time. We asked experienced career consultant Simon North for his tips on how to set about the process…

What do you Need to Succeed as a Trainee or Apprentice?

With tuition fees at an all-time high, many school-leavers are looking for alternatives to further education. One such route is an apprenticeship or traineeship, both of which are becoming an increasingly popular way for young adults to enter the workplace. 

Being an extrovert at work

We all know the extroverts in our business. They’re the confident, decisive, dynamic and outgoing ones who enjoy being leaders of the pack. You may well be one of them. Like introverts, they can make an invaluable contribution to a company’s success, but their strengths and skills need to be nurtured to get the very best out of them…

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The Recession and Women’s Careers

The economic downturn has been tough for almost everyone, but if you’re a woman you might be feeling particularly hard done by. We look at the evidence and the hope that better times are ahead…

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First the bad news

Over the past year, a steady stream of surveys and reports has shown that women still face significant issues of pay inequality and discrimination in the workplace.

New ways to market your skills in the job search

There aren’t many jokes about geologists. Every career may have its ‘faults’ but we think studying the planet is a rock-solid career choice. Or so you’d think.

From andrology to zooology via geology or even mixology, the good news is that you will find those niche roles on our site.

But the truth is, some sectors don’t advertise hundreds of jobs every day. So what should you do if you can’t find that dream, ideal, more unusual job straight away?

Ask Cait Reilly. She did unpaid work at a local museum for a while instead. Nice idea, right?