What is Voluntary Redundancy?

Have you been offered voluntary redundancy recently? While the severance package can be appealing, it can be difficult to assess whether to take your employer up on the offer. We’ve rounded up all you need to know on voluntary redundancy, and whether it’s the right choice for you.

Resignation letter template and guide

Learn the steps you can take to make handing in your resignation as painless as possible.

What do restrictive covenants mean in employment?

Whether you call them restrictive covenants or post termination restrictions, read why you need to know your employment rights. 

What does garden leave mean?

If you’ve recently handed in your letter of resignation, been suspended from your role, or been made an offer for redundancy, you could be placed on garden leave. But is it a good thing or could it damage your career prospects?  

Phased return to work: Your questions answered

Ready to return to work after an extended period of absence? Don’t let the prospect daunt you. Read on for our advice on how to immerse yourself back into the workplace successfully.

What is constructive dismissal?

Knowing your rights is very important when it comes to triggering the, commonly misused, process of constructive dismissal.

How to resign from your job

The importance of how you submit your resignation is too often overlooked by candidates eager to start their new jobs. Just because you’re leaving a particular job doesn’t always mean that you’re leaving that industry.

How easy is it for your employers to make you redundant?

It’s a very worrying time for anyone facing a potential redundancy situation, and often difficult to know where you stand.

In this post our legal advisor Philip Landau provides some answers to the most commonly asked questions…

How resigning can help you get what you want

Finding a better job – especially through promotion – is not only time-consuming, it’s often fraught with obstacles. There are many courses of action you can take to help you get the job you want, such as training and exhaustive job hunting. But there’s another route that’s often overlooked: resigning.

Notice Periods – Your Questions Answered

There is often ambiguity around notice periods – e.g, how long can they be? How much do you have to give? – so to help clarify the situation as much as possible we have put some of the most asked questions.