Quirky perks – companies with unusual benefits

Tired of beanbags, pool tables and birthday cakes, we went in search of the companies who find really interesting ways to keep their staff interested.

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Internet outfits like Google and Facebook have long been famous for their eccentric offices and generous benefits. Work there and, in between your free massages and time spent meditating in the bamboo garden, it’s hard to believe anything actually gets done. Increasingly, though, British companies are showing that they can more than match the Silicon Valley perk-mania.

Is the City driving up IT salaries everywhere?

The City is a black hole for STEM talent, sucking in highly skilled scientists, mathematicians and IT professionals.

So much so, that many non-financial services businesses complain they can’t keep up with the salary expectations of top IT talent. So, is it true and, if it is, just how far from London can the City’s effects be felt?

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What about today? – key IT skills shortages

With more than two million Raspberry Pi units being gobbled up, the Year of Code bandwagon and the forthcoming changes to the computer science curriculum, a great deal of effort is going into developing the skilled IT professions of the future. But is enough attention being paid to closing the skills gaps we have right now?

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As the UK economy emerges from recession, demand for IT talent continues to intensify. The problem is, Britain is already desperately short of talent in many of the technologies that are central to business’s plans. We look at three of

Top Financial Tips for the Underemployed

Our recent article revealed that one in ten employees wants to work more hours than they’re being offered. So, what financial steps can you take if you become a victim of underemployment?

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Not every career move is voluntary. Markets are fickle and employers may have to trim and adjust their workforces accordingly. So what can you do to protect yourself for those periods when you find yourself with fewer hours than you expected, or none at all? Jobsite discussed the issue with two IFAs, Alan Steel, founder and chairman of Alan

Mind the (Pay) Gap!

We’re not Mad Men, but we’d be mad to ignore the negative impact of a prolonged pay gap between the sexes…

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In his State of the Union Address last month, President Obama denounced “workplace policies that belong in a Mad Men episode”. Gender inequality is a hot topic and it would seem that politicians on this side of the Atlantic are keen to make similar changes. Labour’s shadow equalities minister Gloria De Piero has suggested the government should close the pay gap between men and women for equivalent civil service jobs, setting