How to get a pay rise

It’s a commonly held view that Brits don’t like discussing money. But with workers being more stressed at work than ever, isn’t it time to pluck up the courage and ask for a pay rise?

Negotiating a Pay Rise

With salaries rising slowly, or even stagnating in some sectors and companies, it’s easy to get caught behind the market rate for the job that you do. Negotiating for a pay increase can be a difficult and anxious time. We asked experienced career consultant Simon North for his tips on how to set about the process…

Top Financial Tips for the Underemployed

Our recent article revealed that one in ten employees wants to work more hours than they’re being offered. So, what financial steps can you take if you become a victim of underemployment?

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Not every career move is voluntary. Markets are fickle and employers may have to trim and adjust their workforces accordingly. So what can you do to protect yourself for those periods when you find yourself with fewer hours than you expected, or none at all? Jobsite discussed the issue with two IFAs, Alan Steel, founder and chairman of Alan

How to relocate for a pay rise

With the phrase “in-work poverty” used to describe wages that fail to cover the costs of basic living, and many first-time buyers struggling to get on the property ladder in London, it’s no wonder that many working professionals will be questioning whether they might be better off relocating to other cities or regions.

So, here are five cities that could offer you a rewarding alternative to the capital…

“I haven’t had a pay rise in three years!”

It’s no secret that in recent years pay increases in the UK have been few and far between. Since the start of the financial crisis in 2008, real pay has plummeted by 10%, which is said to be the biggest fall in any five-year period since the 1920s.

Here, we talk to three people who haven’t had a pay rise in several years, and provide them (and you) with advice on how to counter this…

The Recession and Women’s Careers

The economic downturn has been tough for almost everyone, but if you’re a woman you might be feeling particularly hard done by. We look at the evidence and the hope that better times are ahead…

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First the bad news

Over the past year, a steady stream of surveys and reports has shown that women still face significant issues of pay inequality and discrimination in the workplace.

Is your job title driving up your car insurance?

Want to keep your car insurance premium to the minimum? Well, there is something you should avoid – something that’s worse than having a crash, worse than doubling your annual mileage and worse than trading in your car for one that costs twice as much. It’s this: taking a job as a car salesmen.

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Your job title can have a huge impact on the cost of insuring your car. Car salesmen, for example, pay 13 times the average premium for fully comprehensive insurance. So, what other job titles jack up your

6 Jobs where pay is rising

With the economy beginning to grow, many people’s thoughts are turning to pay rises and how to get one. We look at six areas of the economy where the chances are good…

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Pay is on the rise, according to the Office of National Statistics (ONS) – just slowly. Its figures for the year to July 2014 show that regular pay (excluding bonuses) for employees in the UK was 0.9% higher than a year earlier, and total pay (including bonuses) for employees was 0.7% higher than a year earlier. That’s still below inflation, though, prompting us to

Quirky perks – companies with unusual benefits

Tired of beanbags, pool tables and birthday cakes, we went in search of the companies who find really interesting ways to keep their staff interested.

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Internet outfits like Google and Facebook have long been famous for their eccentric offices and generous benefits. Work there and, in between your free massages and time spent meditating in the bamboo garden, it’s hard to believe anything actually gets done. Increasingly, though, British companies are showing that they can more than match the Silicon Valley perk-mania.

Is the City driving up IT salaries everywhere?

The City is a black hole for STEM talent, sucking in highly skilled scientists, mathematicians and IT professionals.

So much so, that many non-financial services businesses complain they can’t keep up with the salary expectations of top IT talent. So, is it true and, if it is, just how far from London can the City’s effects be felt?

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