5 top software sales jobs

With more than 1,250 vacancies linked to selling software on Jobsite’s database – across the UK and overseas in every kind of industry – it’s clear that it remains a strong part of the sales sector.

5 jobs in sales you probably haven’t heard of (but should have!)

One of the great things about working in sales is the wide array of opportunities available. Every industry needs people who can secure new business or develop existing customer relationships, which is why your transferable sales skills are so valuable.

Owning the Process: Project Management in Sales

Hitting revenue targets may be king as far as the sales sector is concerned but as in any industry, efficient project management is also highly valued.

Could you make it as a part-time sales worker?

Both employers and employees are finding there are good reasons for the growth in part-time sales roles – and not just to cope with the kind of seasonal demand that Christmas brings. We spoke to sales recruiters to find out why and searched through our jobs databank for further clues

5 great jobs in retail sales

Are your people skills polished? Do you have that much-coveted silver tongue? Then a role in retail sales could be a sensible move. Not sure it’s for you? The myriad of potential benefits and enticing perks – such as commission, discounts, product training and flexibility – might just change your mind. From selling wine to working in high-end fashion, here’s a selection of sales retail gigs that you might want to consider…

What 20 years of working in sales has taught me

Jobsite is celebrating its 20th anniversary. To celebrate, we spoke to individuals who have worked in their respective fields for the same amount of time and asked: what has 20 years on the job taught you? Here’s what some veterans from the world of sales had to say…

Poached by a competitor? Here’s what you need to know

Being approached by a rival company can be a tricky, albeit flattering, situation. How do you tell your boss and what’s your exit strategy? What is a “non-compete clause”, does it apply to you, and what on Earth is “gardening leave”? We examine all these queries, as well as how to tell your clients…

Contracting Jobs in Sales

We recently examined fixed-term contracts and now we’re concentrating on contracting in sales – an area that’s had something of a renaissance in recent years and is rich in opportunities.

What if you’re missing your targets?

Watch the classic 1992 film Glengarry Glen Ross and you’ll see Alec Baldwin standing before a room of down-on-their-luck real estate agents – played by an all-star cast including Al Pacino, Jack Lemmon and Ed Harris – giving his golden tip for hitting sales targets. “ABC,” he says. “Always. Be. Closing.” It’s not so much advice as a threat of “Be as good at sales as me or get lost”. But while the movies might not offer much advice for someone trying to reverse a sales slump, we can. After all, we’ve asked two top sales professionals, Graham Scrivener, Managing