You just don’t get ‘IT’

With technology now at the centre of all critical business operations, having an enthusiastic, reactive and empowered IT department has never been more important.

Phased return to work: Your questions answered

Ready to return to work after an extended period of absence? Don’t let the prospect daunt you. Read on for our advice on how to immerse yourself back into the workplace successfully.

What is constructive dismissal?

Knowing your rights is very important when it comes to triggering the, commonly misused, process of constructive dismissal.

Stealing from Work

If you’ve ever been tempted to take home a couple of envelopes from your employer’s stationery cupboard, you may want to think again. The consequences could be far heavier than you realised.

How to resign from your job

The importance of how you submit your resignation is too often overlooked by candidates eager to start their new jobs. Just because you’re leaving a particular job doesn’t always mean that you’re leaving that industry.

How easy is it for your employers to make you redundant?


It’s a very worrying time for anyone facing a potential redundancy situation, and often difficult to know where you stand.

In this post our legal advisor Philip Landau provides some answers to the most commonly asked questions…

What is redundancy?

Redundancy occurs where:

The employer’s business, or part of the business, has ceased to operate; and/or The employer’s business has moved to a different place; and/or The need for work of a particular type to be done has ceased or diminished. Examples of redundancy situations

Examples of when someone may be genuinely made redundant include:

How to pass your probation

You might be surprised to hear it’s estimated that one in five people fail to make it through their probationary period when starting a new job. So how exactly do you navigate those tricky first few months and ensure this doesn’t happen to you? We spoke to Samantha, an HR expert, who shared her top five tips for ensuring your probation period is as positive as possible…

Should you ever recommend a friend?

Most companies will advertise vacancies through their website or use a recruitment consultant to fill positions. But around 10% of private-sector companies* also run employee referral schemes, where staff are encouraged to refer friends and contacts in return for a bonus if the candidate is successful. So if your company does this, should you take part? Here’s what to consider first…

Implications of Abusing Social Media in the Workplace

Social media lends itself to people making comments on the spur of the moment, some of which may be intended as a joke, but are later regretted. But when it relates to your workplace, it can cost you dearly.

It is increasingly becoming a source of friction in employment law, with some recent decisions shedding light on how employees can be caught out.

We asked our legal expert Philip Landau to explain more…


“You may have read about the general issue before – how the posting of adverse comments relating to your work can get you into

Wrongful dismissal: Know your rights

Employment law can seem an impenetrable maze – one that you’ll hopefully never have to navigate. But having a basic understanding of your workplace rights is still essential.