How to resign – resignation letter template and guide

The days of declaring “I quit!” and flouncing out of the office are long gone. In a world of LinkedIn recommendations, exit interviews and counter offers, resigning is yet another part of changing jobs that needs thought and preparation. We spoke to independent recruitment expert Alex McKenzie to get the lowdown on how to do it right.

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1. Leave for the right reasons

It may seem obvious, but resigning for the wrong reasons is something Alex, who’s worked for leading recruiters like Hamilton Bradshaw and Badenoch & Clark, sees all the time. “We come across this

Millennials in the workplace

Our study of more than 5,000 workers has found that millennials – those aged between 18 and 31 – are looking for more than money from their careers.

Leading engineering firm Atkins offer lots of workplace benefits to its employees, making it a hit employer with graduates.

We caught up with Alison Bradshaw, subsea engineer at Atkins. Here’s what she told us about joining Atkins after university:

I was offered a role in the graduate scheme at Atkins in my final year at university. Applying for a mechanical engineer graduate role seemed like the next

Do you open work emails on holiday?

A growing dilemma of employees in the UK is whether to open work emails whilst on holiday. It’s that time of year you’ve booked your flight, the sun is calling, but can you really bring yourself to leave the laptop at home?

Every situation is different and varies from company to company, person to person and indeed can also be dependent on what level in your career you are at. It’s a good idea to clarify at the start of your employment whether you will be expected to work out of hours or login at weekends and holidays, to

5 Ways to keep active if you have a desk job

A large number of the UK workforce spend their working day behind a desk, whether it’s an office building or an office in your home. With the daily grind of having to be at the beck and call of emails and telephone calls, how can you stay active and get some all-important exercise without it affecting your job?

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Sitting at a desk all day can be an unhealthy and often uncomfortable past-time, unfortunately in a lot of our jobs that can’t be helped. Here are 5 things you can do to try and make the experience

British working culture – six outsider perspectives

What’s it like working in Britain if you aren’t British? We asked a group of successful incomers to our green and pleasant land what they’d found most striking about working here.

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Brits love to talk!

Olga Fraczek of Warsaw, Poland

“One of the biggest surprises for me was how much British people love to chat in the business environment. It takes a good deal of patience and at least five minutes before a Brit gets to the point in a business meeting and for some people, especially if you come from a nation that’s more ‘straight