Nepotism – Is it what you know or who you know that counts?

Nepotism isn’t a victimless crime. When hiring and promotion decisions are taken for reasons other than experience, effort and talent, businesses undermine themselves and deny people a chance to make the most of their careers. And that’s why the best employers are looking to stamp it out…

The Prime Minister, the Mayor of London, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the second and fourth in line to the throne all went to the same school. And, despite fewer than one in ten people being privately educated, fee-paying schools provide more than a third of MPs, more than half of

Who gets the longest holidays?

Summer is the traditional time to take a chunk of your annual leave, but how do our holiday allowances compare to other countries? Who’s getting the most beach time and who needs a break from their desks?

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Like most countries in the European Union, the UK guarantees a specific amount of annual leave for the nation’s workers, even if we are far less generous than our continental counterparts and offer only the European minimum.

Full-time employees in the UK can look forward to a guaranteed 28 days’ leave every year (including bank holidays) but that

Flexible working in the City

The hours that City workers put in are legendary. But could it be that City firms are finally beginning to wake up to the value of flexible working?

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In 2010, in a case that made headlines, Oksana Denysenko, a former vice-president at Credit Suisse, was awarded £1.5 million by an industrial tribunal for sexual discrimination. Following her maternity leave, Denysenko had been first replaced and then made redundant.

“I felt like I’d been sacked for having a baby” #MaternityScandal

You always worry when you try to raise an issue that no one else seems to be talking about. What if it’s just me, you think. What if no one else cares?

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That’s what we felt when we launched our #MaternityScandal campaign. How wrong we were…

It started when a number of us in the office were talking about some figures showing that women had been hardest hit by the recession and were far more likely than men to be made redundant. “It’s not just that,” said one of us. “A friend of mine was made redundant

Long hours, flexible working and productivity

The debate rumbles on: what makes us the most productive as workers? Is it being chained to the desk for long hours, or do the Spanish have it right with their reputation for afternoon siestas – or perhaps the French with their strict 35-hour working week laws?

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Our American cousins work the longest hours in the developed world – the most recent figures from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) show the average annual total of working hours per worker in the US is 1,790.