Is Your Online Profile as Important as Your CV?

The majority of 18-25 year olds have never reviewed their online social profiles, yet over two thirds of HR Professional say they have been positively influenced by a job applicant’s online profile, according to one of the key findings in new research published by software and internet security company AVG.

This latest instalment of their Digital Diaries series (on-going research into the impact of technology on children and young adults) was published last week and was based on findings from 4,400 18-25 year olds (in 11 countries) plus 250 HR Professionals from the UK and US.

The results from the latter group showed how social networks have impacted the recruitment process with these being some of the key findings:

  • 72% of recruiters rely on LinkedIn to conduct searches
  • But only 1 in 3 recruiters fully trust the information on LinkedIn profiles
  • Over half of recruiters say they have turned down an applicant because of their online profile
  • UK HR Professionals are slightly more tolerant than their US counterparts…only 70% are likely to discount applicants with drunken photos, whereas 84% in the US said they would
  • 92% of UK HR Professionals would look negatively on an applicant who had posted derogatory comments about a previous employer

The job market is competitive. With this research showing that HR and Recruiters are doing more checking on social media platforms, so the need for job seekers to pro-actively manage and edit their online profiles grows.

Check this infographic for more results from the AVG research…and let us know if you’ve checked your profile recently…