What’s it like to live and work in East London?

Over the years, it’s given us the time (well, at least in GMT), the 2012 Olympics, Alfred Hitchcock and David Beckham. But what’s it like to live and work in East London in 2016? Let’s find out…

Two worlds collide – the role of an IT Business Analyst

Today almost every business needs IT. But getting the most out of it – figuring out which technology to use and how to apply it – remains a challenge.

Step forward the IT business analyst, whose job it is to rise to that challenge. It’s a role that offers a variety of options and demand for this valuable expertise means you can be working in almost any sector, either in-house or as a contractor.

We profile the role, skills and experience required and look at the challenges…

What’s it like living and working in North London?

The nation’s capital is a thriving hub and home to 8.70 million people, but what’s it like to live and work in its notoriously hip Northern areas? 

How to practise for job interviews

There are few situations as nerve-racking as job interviews. In fact, for many people, the very thought of them can induce sweaty palms and a dry throat. There is, of course, a great deal that you can do to prepare – and not just in terms of what to say. Here, with the help of some industry experts, we examine the benefits of mock interviews and how to make the most of them… 

What’s it like living and working in Central London?

The nation’s capital is home to royalty, world-famous attractions and 8.7 million people, but what’s it like to live and work in its bustling centre?

5 great administration apprenticeships

People new to the job market might think apprenticeships are only available for jobs in factory environments but they also exist for office-workers.

Living and working in Belfast

It’s given us the Titanic, Kenneth Branagh and many an episode of Game of Thrones, but what else keeps Belfast’s 333,000 citizens sticking around? Let’s find out…

5 great contract jobs in marketing

If you’re a marketer who prefers novelty, you’ll enjoy contracting because it involves exposure to new products or brands – whereas permanent roles will often involve working on one specific account for some time.

Check out our basic guide to marketing contract jobs and you’ll be reassured that there are rafts of laws to protect your rights. Contracting works well for employers, too, which may be one reason why Jobsite’s database currently has plenty of contract marketing vacancies across all parts of the UK.

Here are just five of the roles:

What does a care assistant do?

The role of Care Assistant, or Care Worker as it is also called, is an in-demand profession right now. According to the National Minimum Data Set for Social Care (NMDS-SC), “an estimated 18,000 organisations [are] involved in providing or organising adult social care in England” – that constitutes approximately “1,319,000 adult-social-care sector jobs (excluding Personal Assistants)”. But given that “care” is an umbrella term with various applications, it’s natural to ask: what does a Care Assistant do?

We spoke to Marie Heslin, the Registered Manager of Merseyside’s Sandley Court Care Home, to find out…

6 great contracting roles in engineering

Flexibility to choose where, when and on what you want to work is just one of the benefits of contract working. Its an arrangement that works well for employers, too, because they only pay contractors for a specific time on a particular project.

We looked through the Jobsite database for some examples of the great contract opportunities available specifically for engineers.