What is C# and why is it so popular?

Developers are in high demand. They command top salaries and work for some of the most exciting companies around. But with the inevitable arrival of new languages – and the evolving demands of web, mobile and games development – it can be difficult to know which language to specialise in.

Poached by a competitor? Here’s what you need to know

Being approached by a rival company can be a tricky, albeit flattering, situation. How do you tell your boss and what’s your exit strategy? What is a “non-compete clause”, does it apply to you, and what on Earth is “gardening leave”? We examine all these queries, as well as how to tell your clients…

Which postgrad qualification will boost your earnings?

To postgrad or not to postgrad, that is the question many people ask themselves upon leaving university. What are the best postgrads in terms of boosting your earnings? What exactly is an MBA and what will you learn? Is the cost of a postgrad and the expense of another year not spent in gainful employment outweighed by the benefits?

What will the national living wage mean for you?

The words “national living wage” have been on the nation’s lips ever since chancellor George Osborne launched it in his post-election budget in July. The Conservative government’s commitment to raising the minimum wage, and therefore the standard of living for millions, came as something of a surprise and its exact impact is, as yet, unknown.

Would it hurt my career not to go to university?

So you got the grades for uni, but do you definitely want to go? Or, to be more specific, will not going damage your potential career? We spoke to a range of recruiters and employers to bring you the low-down… 

5 successful people without a degree

Is having a degree essentially for a lucrative life? Not necessarily, as there are plenty of highly successful people who never completed a degree, including Bill Gates, Thomas Edison and Princess Diana, to name but a few. Here we profile five more…

I did badly at university – what now?

Scraped through with a “Desmond” (2:2) or just about managed a third? Failing to get a 2:1 or higher isn’t the end of the world. When it comes to hiring graduates there’s a ton of other qualities that employers are looking for. We spoke to a range of experts to find out what they are …

Contracting Jobs in Sales

We recently examined fixed-term contracts and now we’re concentrating on contracting in sales – an area that’s had something of a renaissance in recent years and is rich in opportunities.

Contracting Jobs in Finance

We recently looked at fixed-term contracts and how they differ from permanent positions. Here, we examine the growth of contracting jobs in finance – one of the most vital functions for any business, and one that’s rapidly evolving…

Share your skills: become a trainer

Think you need to get a promotion to create a change in your career? Think again. Your current skill set may just make you a perfect trainer!