Essential guide to writing a graduate cover letter

As a new graduate, putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard nowadays) to write a cover letter may seem daunting if you’ve never done it before. Read our tips on what employers will be looking for.

Siri…find me a job

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Unpaid Time Off from Work

We all need time off work every now and again, but did you know that your company isn’t always obliged to pay you for it? 

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Tell me about yourself! How to tell your story in an interview

It’s probably the most frequently asked question in any interview, and while it’s not meant to trip you up, the pressure of the occasion can sometimes make you forget what makes you, you! 

Stealing from Work

If you’ve ever been tempted to take home a couple of envelopes from your employer’s stationery cupboard, you may want to think again. The consequences could be far heavier than you realised.

Paul McPherson: How I Became a Design Engineer

Paul McPherson is a Junior Design Engineer at Owen Mumford who holds a BSc in Product Design. His current role includes the design of injection devices and he is a creative team player who adds value in his work through innovation and positive contribution.

Will Brexit impact your career?

Impacting the way British businesses trade, the skilled workers that enter the UK’s borders, and where the Government invests, Brexit will certainly orchestrate change over the next few years.

Six skills to take your job interview to the next level

Getting a positive response to a job application is always exciting, but for some, that excitement can quickly vanish when they’re reminded of what the second stage of the process entails: the interview.