Five skills to give your engineering CV the edge

Making your CV stand out can be a daunting task, in what is a competitive job market. Ask the following questions of your engineering CV to really make recruiters take notice.

How to resign from your job

The importance of how you submit your resignation is too often overlooked by candidates eager to start their new jobs. Just because you’re leaving a particular job doesn’t always mean that you’re leaving that industry.

Interview Tips: Survive Psychological Testing

If I was to say to you ‘Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Analysis’, or ‘Belbin Team Roles’ you may think I was talking a foreign language! But these are just two of several psychological tests that are commonly employed by companies and headhunters around the country as part of their recruitment process.

Questions an Interviewer shouldn’t ask you

We all get so worried about the interview process – how we come across to the interviewer, remembering to give the right, frequently-rehearsed answers in a ‘natural’ way, how to talk about our achievements without sounding big-headed… the list of concerns is endless. 

Top Tech Trends for 2017

There is no doubt that the technology sector has once again brought huge innovations to the table this year. Here are 11 top technology trends that graduates entering the work place should know about and be on the lookout for in 2017:

6 things that shouldn’t be on your CV

The working world is always changing and your CV needs to reflect that. We asked James Innes, Chairman at and author of The CV Book, to tell us some things you definitely DON’T want on your CV in 2017 and beyond…

How to get the most out of work experience or an internship

The very word ‘internship’ has a bad reputation, and can conjure up images of coffee runs, picking up dry-cleaning and other thankless tasks. But these opportunities (internships, not coffee runs) often prove to be very rewarding and the launchpad for a fruitful career.

We speak to experienced insiders who hire interns, and Amy Mcdonnell, who did a work experience placement in the media industry, to get their words of advice…

How often should I change jobs?

Without a doubt, younger workers are more likely to change jobs more often than their senior counterparts. According to reports published by CNBC, the millennial generation is the largest in today’s workforce, and the median tenure for a millennial employee is just two years, compared with seven years for a baby boomer. A 2013 survey found that 30% of companies were losing 15% or more of their millennial workers within a year.

What are the best paid IT jobs?

It’s another good year to be an IT professional. Latest findings show that 41% of companies plan to increase the number of IT jobs. But which roles in the sector are the most sought-after and lucrative?

Top planning jobs

Benjamin Franklin is reported as saying that by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. Having a plan in order to achieve success is something that more and more organisations are spending time and resources on, but there are already some jobs that are all about planning. Here, we profile some of those roles and examine what, if anything, they have in common.