Graduate jobs post-Brexit

The dust may have settled on the Brexit result, but as Theresa May – and the rest of the world – ponder what a post-Brexit future will look like, we consider the prospects for graduates.

The frontiers of engineering jobs

Engineers are behind the design, build and use of just about everything that makes 21st-century life what it is. And it’s cutting edge engineering that continues to turn science fiction into science fact. So, what’s the next big thing in engineering and what are the challenges that engineering may have to tackle in the future?

How easy is it for your employers to make you redundant?

It’s a very worrying time for anyone facing a potential redundancy situation, and often difficult to know where you stand.

In this post our legal advisor Philip Landau provides some answers to the most commonly asked questions…

How resigning can help you get what you want

Finding a better job – especially through promotion – is not only time-consuming, it’s often fraught with obstacles. There are many courses of action you can take to help you get the job you want, such as training and exhaustive job hunting. But there’s another route that’s often overlooked: resigning.

Work for the companies that offer the best work-life balance

We take a look at some of the companies that their employees rate as providing the best work/life balance and why they are so highly lauded…

What’s it like to live and work in Exeter?

It’s already given us Coldplay’s Chris Martin, a world-famous Roman wall and accurate weather predictions since 2003, but what else keeps Exeter’s estimated 125,000 residents sticking around?

Top construction jobs right now

Despite fears of a post-Brexit slump, the construction sector is standing firm – a positive message underlined by the fact that Jobsite has thousands of construction jobs listed.

Notice Periods – Your Questions Answered

There is often ambiguity around notice periods – e.g, how long can they be? How much do you have to give? – so to help clarify the situation as much as possible we have put some of the most asked questions.

What are companies really asking for?

Many companies can’t help talking in business-speak – and for people new to the workplace, this can be both baffling and intimidating. Here, we attempt to decode job adverts by demystifying some of the most common words and phrases used by organisations when advertising for prospective employees.

What’s it like to live and work in Coventry?

It’s already given us author Lee ‘Jack Reacher’ Child, Hollywood superstar Clive Owen, and the engines that were used in First World War tanks, but what keeps Coventry’s estimated 347,650 residents sticking around?