Get your CV past Gatekeepers

In the words of Bob Dylan “We all have to serve somebody”, so ask yourself who you need to serve in order to get them to pay attention to you and your application, and ultimately you’ll realise your career goals.

If you dream of landing a new job, one important person that you need to consider is the gatekeeper reading your CV and cover letter who’s between you and hiring managers. You need to persuade these people that it is worth them spending their time forming a professional relationship with you, with an eye to hiring you. Your CV and

Can a career coach help you?

Career coaches can be invaluable in helping you achieve your career goals but how do you know whether you need a career coach or not? Simply ask yourself these questions…

There are many advantages to hiring a career coach and several reasons why you might need one, but the first thing you need to do is to establish what you need a career coach for. Career coach Denise Taylor of has come up with her own checklist to help people decide whether they really need to hire a career coach and how they can benefit from the process.


Has the career ladder finally broken?

While the career ladder may not have completely fallen apart, it’s certainly looking wobbly. The working world is changing faster than we can keep up with, so is it time for you to step off the ladder too?

There world of work has changed dramatically over the last decade and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest ‘trend’. At one time it was simple – you put one foot on the bottom of the career ladder and you worked your way to the top. Even if this meant staying with the same company for years, doing a

Get back to basics: 5 top interview tips

Just hearing the word ‘interview’ can put fear into the hardest of hearts; after all, nobody enjoys a good grilling! But there are ways you can keep your cool that will help you come across as a serious contender: just follow these top tips:

1.    Do your research

Commercial knowledge is key in the interview process. Make sure you come across as knowledgeable about the company you are interviewing for – do you know their yearly targets, how well they performed in the last five years? What has the press said about the companyand the industry?

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Office Politics: Gaining a Reference

When you are looking for a new opportunity, joining a new company or about to leave your existing employment, it’s very likely you’ll need a reference. Here we take a look at how you go about obtaining a reference, the information it should contain, as well as your legal rights.

Does anyone have to give you a reference?

Providing you with a reference isn’t compulsory, not unless your contract says so, though in some regulated industries it is a legal requirement. However, it is important to ask for one, and to make sure that you have a reference that will

Use your contacts to gain your dream job

The expression “don’t mix business with pleasure” does sometimes make a valuable point. However, there can be times when you need to mix the two in order to gain something from your relationship with a friend or business associate. With friends, for example, they can often be your greatest advocates, and perhaps may know of someone within the company where they currently work who might need your skills, knowledge, contacts and experience.

Don’t be shy

So don’t be shy about asking everyone you know outside work – members of your family, friends, people down the pub – about whether they

Could you be the next Apprentice?

With the new series of The Apprentice on our screens, it’s the usual bloodbath as 16 new candidates battle to make Lord Alan Sugar see their star potential. But showing your boss you’ve got what it takes to succeed is a lot more straightforward.

Life and career coach Rebekah Fensome gives us her top ten tips on how to stand out in the workplace:

1. Be good at your job

Perhaps a rather obvious point but one that many people seem to forget! If you are going for a promotion, know what skills set that person is