The 7 Signs of Needing a New Job

On some days, we can all feel bored or frustrated at work. There’s nothing wrong with that, unless of course you find that it starts to happen regularly and every day seems to be a bad one…Below are seven telltale signs that you need a new job. See if you recognise any of them.

1. You don’t feel challenged – in fact, you feel bored…

Does it feel like every day is exactly the same and you’re just going through the motions with no prospect of change? If it does – and it’s turning you into a clock-watcher, or you find that you’re no longer bothered about doing your job well – then it’s time to have a hard think about your future.

2. You moan all the time about the same things…

Having a bit of a moan is a healthy way to let off steam. The problem comes if you always seem to find yourself moaning about the same old things with the same people. It’s especially bad if you hate being a moaner and hate that your job has turned you into one.

3. You can’t see a future for you at your company…

If your company can’t or won’t promote you – because it doesn’t have a bigger role for you or because it keeps promoting other people – then sooner or later you’re going to part company. Likewise, if you dread being promoted because it will just bring more problems, you have to think about your motives for staying. Ultimately, if you don’t believe that your company can give you meaningful career development in a reasonable time frame, then it’s not for you.

The 7 Signs of Needing a New Job

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4. You don’t get any recognition…

Recognition comes in many forms: pay rises or bonuses, being consulted, being given the opportunity to learn new skills or take on new responsibilities, or just generally feeling like a valued employee. If you feel ignored, unappreciated, or like you’ve been written off by your employer, then it might be time to find a place where they’d be pleased to have you.

5. Your work-life balance isn’t working…

No matter how much you love your job, you need a work-life balance that suits you. If you’re getting frustrated by the hours you work, if your workload never seems to get more manageable, or if work keeps coming home with you, then you need to think about rebalancing things.

6. You’ve tried to change things, but it never happens…

Don’t suffer in silence. If you’re having a problem at work, your company might be keen to hear about it and help to resolve it. But if you’ve been through the proper channels and nothing ever seems to improve, then it might be easier to switch jobs than to keep trying to change your company.

7. You get that Monday morning feeling every Sunday night…

There’s nothing unusual about feeling a bit down on a Monday. But there is a problem when blue Mondays start the night before. If you are in the right job, you shouldn’t find yourself dreading work or feeling anxious about it on Sunday evenings.

Recognise any of the seven signs?

If you find yourself nodding at three or more of the signs, chances are you’re ready to move on.

You spend a huge amount of your life at work, so if you’re not happy there, chances are that it will affect your general level of happiness. Leaving a job isn’t something you should do lightly, but it’s also something you shouldn’t keep postponing.

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