6 Ways to use social media in your job hunt

Social media platforms give you a great opportunity to connect, engage, share and learn. And they also provide an opportunity for you to create a ‘buzz’ around your personal brand.

They are becoming increasingly popular with job seekers as a way to keep in touch, grow their networks, spread the word, research companies and opportunities and get noticed by recruiters.

Here are 6 things you can start doing now:


Research companies and industry sectors. Think about the types of organizations you want to work at and research what networks the company and the people that work there are utilizing.

Blog Your Way to a Job

Today’s guest post comes from Katrina Collier, who helps job seekers come to grips with the changing recruitment landscape. She encourages them to showcase their expertise and coaches on how engage appropriately on social media networks.

Here she looks at how blogging has increasingly become an important part of the job seeker’s armoury….

“I know it sounds crazy but you could be highlighting your expertise and creating opportunities by sharing your ideas and insights… on a blog.


Before you hear some reasons why blogging could help your job search, here is a tale from the other side.