Who Are the Happiest Workers? [Infographic]

Are you happy in your career?

If so then the chances are that you’re doing something vocational and skills based…whilst if you’re not then it’s more likely that you are in a desk-based, high pressure role.

These are some of the interesting findings in City & Guilds Index of Career Happiness for 2012. The qualifications provider conducted an online survey of 2,200 workers and found that the happiest workers were likely to be:

  • Florists & Gardeners
  • Hairdressers & Beauticians
  • Plumbers
  • Marketing & PR

Whilst the least happy workers were:

  • Bankers
  • IT and Telecoms
  • HR
  • Catering

Those in the top category said that flexibility and autonomy to manage their daily schedule were key to their satisfaction, whilst those who ranked lowest complained of not properly using their skills and not feeling that they were doing something worthwhile.

And what comes out top in how people feel about their jobs? Getting on well with their colleagues! Just like we found when we conducted our #9to5Buddies research.

Check this infographic to find out more…and let us know what makes you happiest about your career…





























































Infographic created by City & Guilds