About our new travel time feature

What's in it for you?

Travel time is an amazing new feature that will revolutionise the way you make placements.

You can now find candidates by commute time, rather than distance as the crow flies.

Try it out…

We've partnered with industry leading experts to bring you a revolutionary new search feature, which allows you to find candidates based on their commute time in minutes. Give it a try

How it works

When using our candidate search, just enter your search criteria, along with the location and an acceptable travel time.

Using an innovative algorithm, we'll bring you the most relevant candidates within the desired commute time to your location.

We calculate commute time by both public transport and car, based on an arrival time of 8:45am - which means we can even allow for rush hour.

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Why have we created travel time?

Although radius-based search will deliver some great results, it fails to account for candidates with strong travel links or alternatively those in commuting blackspots. This could provide some irrelevant results.

By using the commute time, we provide a clearer picture of the truly relevant candidates, helping you become more efficient!