‘Love labour’s lost’: A quarter of UK workers find themselves heartbroken by their job this Valentine’s

A new study exploring the emotional relationship UK workers can have with their jobs has uncovered that a quarter of those surveyed have experienced career disappointment so bitter, they would describe themselves as ‘heartbroken’ by their jobs.

Finding ‘The One’: the 5 Stages of Job-love

We all want a job we love. But like all matters of the heart, this isn't always an easy journey. That's why we've asked relationship guru and psychologist – Judi James – to share her top tips for navigating through the 5 Stages of Love. So you can find your dream job – 'The One'.

The gifts that keep on taking: Millennials feel fleeced by office whip-rounds

Secret Santa and other office ‘whip-round’ occasions have come under the spotlight today, as new research from UK job board Jobsite found that younger workers are feeling so pressured to contribute that they are dipping into their savings or going into debt in order to chip in.

From Brexit to Boris: The UK’s uncertain future sees rise in office politics

The political fate of the UK is on the minds of Brits and it’s invading the workplace. While office politics has always been fodder for watercooler chat, it’s national and global politics dominating the discussions now, as UK workers debate the future of their nation.

From Brexit to Boris: UK workers see the rise of watercooler politics

New research today reveals that almost one in ten (8%) non-native workers in the UK have had to leave a job because they felt they didn’t fit in, and a quarter (23%) of those working in multicultural teams feel their workplace has become less accepting towards their non-UK colleagues since the EU Referendum.

Melting pot Britain: 1 in 10 non-UK workers have left a job because they didn’t fit in

New research today reveals that almost one in ten (8%) non-native workers in the UK have had to leave a job because they felt they didn’t fit in, and a quarter (23%) of those working in multicultural teams feel their workplace has become less accepting towards their non-UK colleagues since the EU Referendum.

Is there such a thing as a happy commuter?

A bad commute impacts the way UK workers feel about their jobs, with train commuters the most miserable, our new study reveals.

Off the rails: Long train journeys are costing customers their workplace satisfaction

Early mornings, infuriating delays and the daily battle for a seat - commuting on public transport can be rough. With the latest nationwide rail timetable changes coming into force next week, many may be asking themselves if their current journey into work really represents the best option for career contentment.

Can Britain face its fears? 1 in 3 employees would reject their dream job if it meant facing biggest fear

The stiff upper lip has long been heralded as a hallmark of British fortitude, however, according to today’s research, the habit of putting on a brave face may be going so far as having a negative impact on our careers.

‘What does a Product Designer do? The life of a Dyson designer…

Recently, Jobsite research found that Product Design was the voted most desirable job by Generation Z. With such high expectations, can the reality live up to the perception? We spoke to Dyson product designer Connor Macmillan to find out…

Retraining not retiring!

If you think you’re at risk of being piled on the scrapheap, why not decide to become king of the castle instead? Never have your retraining options been so good. Choose a new castle, retrain and it’ll be yours before you can say “I’m sure I could do that job”.

How to work abroad?

From chalet hosting to working for international NGOs – here’s everything you need to know about working overseas and pursuing a career abroad.

How to get a Promotion?

There might be fifty ways to leave your lover, but most people fail to realise there are at least that many ways to lose the promotion at work they’re ready for.

How to deal with bullying at work?

If the office feels a thumbscrew short of a torture chamber, and your boss is constantly singling you out, you could be a victim of workplace bullying.  Here’s how to identify harassment at work and what to do if you’re being bullied.

Taking a career break from work

Far from a death knell for your career, employers are increasingly savvy when it comes to recognising the personal and business benefits of a career break. If you’re considering taking time out from work, here’s how to maximise the chance and stay ahead.

Guide to the modern interview

After a lengthy application process and a few days compulsively checking your emails, nothing beats the feeling of that interview request showing up in your inbox or coming through the phone. In fact, our research shows that getting to interview is candidate’s favourite part of the job search process.

5 tips to detox your social media

Research from Jobsite reveals 71% of employers admitted to looking at candidate’s social media accounts before making a decision for most or every role but in the hangover after the Holiday period – your social media might not be as healthy as it could be.1.

Taking a sabbatical from work

Itching to travel or volunteer – spotted a course you’d love to do? Perhaps you just need a break that’s longer than two weeks? If so, a sabbatical could be just the ticket…

How to ask for a pay rise?

“I’m buying a Porsche, so I need a pay rise to run it.” You might be worth the extra money, but that style of approach just won’t deliver it for you.

Should you change jobs?

Unless you’re retiring soon, the answer should always be yes. If you’re not considering a job change to move your career forward, you’ll start losing ground at some point.

How to make a career change at 50?

Far from coasting gently towards retirement, more people than ever are starting a new career at 50. If you’re considering a change, here’s our guide to maximising your skills, experience and work ethic.

How to Create a Career Development Plan

Your career is yours, not your employer’s. If you want progression and better earnings, waiting and hoping is rarely a winning strategy. Accept ownership and take control of your career.

Most appealing jobs for Generation Z revealed…

From a study conducted earlier this year, Jobsite can exclusively reveal Product Design, Web Development and Engineering are now the most appealing jobs for teens.

How to prepare for a work appraisal?

Performance appraisals provide the perfect opportunity to reflect on your career and plan your next move – but only if you prepare. Here’s what to expect from an appraisal and how to get the most out of your annual review at work.

How To Become an Engineer

According to Jobsite research, engineering is now the third most appealing career to teenagers aged 16-18. Great news for an industry with a shortfall of at least 20,000 skilled workers.

How To Become a Developer

According to Jobsite research, development is now the second most appealing career to teenagers aged 16-18. Although coding has only become an essential business function in the last decade, development roles now make up 30% of all UK jobs in IT[1].

How To Become A Product Designer

According to Jobsite research, product design is now the most appealing career to teenagers aged 16-18. Whilst the job has always been a vital function within a range of businesses, the culture of innovation has pushed this career into the spotlight more than ever before.

How to master a competency-based interview in IT

Without the IT department, business would ground to a halt. That’s why there is a need for competency based interviews to ensure integrity of any new hire.

How to master a competency-based interview in engineering

Engineering shapes our world. As a result, engineers with the right technical abilities are in high demand globally.