6 great contract positions in IT

If you like what you learned from our introduction to IT contracting, you’ll be rubbing your hands with glee when you hear about the interesting and financially rewarding contract opportunities in IT that are available now.

Remember, the benefits of contracting include the flexibility to choose where, when and on what you want to work. Fixed-term contracts can also offer experience of a kind of work on a particular project or with a specific client that wouldn’t otherwise be available to you.

And there is a raft of employment laws to protect you so that, for example, employers must not treat you less favourably than permanent employees who are doing the same, or largely the same, job.

6 great contract positions in IT

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It’s an arrangement that works well for employers, too, because they only pay contractors for a specific time on a particular project, so while they have work that needs to be done but for no longer.

In addition, professional services consultancy Procorre expects employers will turn to contractors in 2016 to meet a rise in demand for IT skills such as data analysis. Procorre’s Wiktor Podgorski says: “The demand for data scientists naturally means employers are prepared to pay to get people with the right skills. However, with the global big data market predicted to be worth more than US$41 billion by 2018, the supply of data scientists in Europe is low.”

These are the reasons why Jobsite’s database currently has thousands of contract IT vacancies right now – across all parts of the UK. Here are just five of the roles:

1. Java Developer

Always in demand. Besides Java itself, HTML and JavaScript, you’ll likely be expected to know your way around other programming languages too. Typically, you’ll be helping to create dynamic applications and websites. Sometime this can be design interfaces, sometimes back end. It will often be expected you are able to operate using Agile methodologies. A senior Java developer may analyse complex problems, develop documentation, review coding and evaluate the development process.

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2. IT Project Manager

Strong project management skills are as important, if not more so, than technical knowledge in these roles. You will likely be leading a team who do have the necessary technical skills so employers will be more focused on organisational, communication and people skills. Ability to lead and manage a team is key, as is collaboration in planning and implementation of projects. You’ll boast strong attention to detail, be able to multitask and resolve conflicts. Finally, you’ll be able to define project goals, tasks and resource requirements.

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3. PHP Developer

Because the language is so ubiquitous in website development and business, PHP contract developers can always find work. You’ll create user interfaces or work behind the scenes. Knowledge of other languages used in conjunction with PHP is a frequent requirement, for example, MySQL and SQL for databases. A familiarity with specific operating systems and different kinds of servers may be expected. A developer’s responsibilities may also include website administration, software testing and user training.

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4. Software Support

Sometimes needed for specific projects but more often this role is about providing reactive support to a company’s workforce when they have a problem with the software they are using. The nature of the software will depend on the activities of the company you contract for. You will also need good working knowledge of different operating systems. Good people skills are essential, as you will be assisting staff in the office and in the field by phone and email.

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5. Business Analyst

Again the specific role depends on the employer. Some companies may prefer technical background as a programmer or engineer but proven analytical skills are key. Working with the company’s existing IT structure and systems, you will be expected to assess the business’s processes and systems and their integration with technology. An ability to work in an Agile environment is a frequent requirement.

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6. Unix Engineer

You’ll obviously be proficient in the UNIX-based utility service, programs and storage systems. Besides handling data infrastructure and operating systems, UNIX engineers perform maintenance routines, troubleshooting and UNIX installations. A UNIX engineer will be responsible for managing direct attached or network attached storage technologies, improving hard drive storage requirements and systems and maintaining UNIX-based server-client systems. Most UNIX programmers have to know how to create scripting or software languages, such as Shell, Perl or C and C++.

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6 great contract positions in IT

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