Finding ‘The One’: the 5 Stages of Job-love

We all want a job we love. But like all matters of the heart, this isn't always an easy journey. That's why we've asked relationship guru and psychologist – Judi James – to share her top tips for navigating through the 5 Stages of Love. So you can find your dream job – 'The One'.

Guide to the modern interview

After a lengthy application process and a few days compulsively checking your emails, nothing beats the feeling of that interview request showing up in your inbox or coming through the phone. In fact, our research shows that getting to interview is candidate’s favourite part of the job search process.

How to master a competency-based interview in IT

Without the IT department, business would ground to a halt. That’s why there is a need for competency based interviews to ensure integrity of any new hire.

How to master a competency-based interview in engineering

Engineering shapes our world. As a result, engineers with the right technical abilities are in high demand globally.  

How to master a competency-based interview in finance

Finance teams are at the heart of any organisation. That’s why there is a need for competency based interviews to ensure the integrity of any new hire.

What is a Psychometric test and how do you prepare?

Have you been asked to attend a psychometric test as part of your job application? We’ve rounded up everything you need to know.

How to shine in a group interview

Group interviews will see your skills put to the test along with those of several other candidates. As a result, you’ll need to make sure you do everything you can to stand out from the crowd.

How to navigate an exit interview

Exit interviews provide employees with an opportunity to provide constructive feedback, not to vent frustrations.

How to answer ‘what are your strengths and weaknesses’?

You’ve got through your interview unscathed, but then the interviewer says, “tell me, what are your biggest strengths and weaknesses?” How do you handle it…?

Top tips for mastering positive body language at an interview

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression, so make sure you give the right impression with positive body language during your interview.

How to relax before an interview

With so much riding on a job interview, it can be hard to keep your cool. We’ve rounded up our top tips so you don’t sweat it on the big day.

How to present well at an interview

Been asked to present at your next interview? These top tips will help you ace it.

How to answer competency based interview questions?

As organisations strive to find the very best talent, competency based interviews are becoming even more commonplace.

How to Prepare for an Interview

Snappy CV? Check. Killer cover letter? Check. Now it’s time to walk the talk in the interview stage. We’ve compiled the definitive guide for job interview prep to help you land your dream job.

Top 10 Tips on How to Succeed at Telephone Interviews


Identify Your Achievements for CV & Interview

Displaying your achievements on your CV is now a necessity set yourself apart and put your CV to the top of the pile, and bag yourself a job.

Tips to help you prepare for a second interview

You’ve got through the first interview, and been invited back for a second. It’s important that you feel confident, but it’s equally important to remember that you’ve got to give it your all again. Here are our top tips to ace your second interview.

6 questions to ask at an interview

You might only get the opportunity to ask questions at the end, but this can be the most important section of an interview. Make sure you are asking the right ones.

Dress for Success: What to wear to a job interview?

We’ve rounded up our top tips for making sure you rock interview-chic all year round.

Tell me about yourself! How to tell your story in an interview

It’s probably the most frequently asked question in any interview, and while it’s not meant to trip you up, the pressure of the occasion can sometimes make you forget what makes you, you! 

Six skills to take your job interview to the next level

Getting a positive response to a job application is always exciting, but for some, that excitement can quickly vanish when they’re reminded of what the second stage of the process entails: the interview.

Interview Tips: Survive Psychological Testing

If I was to say to you ‘Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Analysis’, or ‘Belbin Team Roles’ you may think I was talking a foreign language! But these are just two of several psychological tests that are commonly employed by companies and headhunters around the country as part of their recruitment process.

Questions an Interviewer shouldn’t ask you

We all get so worried about the interview process – how we come across to the interviewer, remembering to give the right, frequently-rehearsed answers in a ‘natural’ way, how to talk about our achievements without sounding big-headed… the list of concerns is endless. 

The best, worst and strangest interview answers

There are few situations as stressful and pressured as interviewing for a new job: you’re trying convince a stranger that you’re worthy of a sizeable chunk of their budget while maintaining eye contact, being mindful of your body language and figuring out how to stop your hands shaking…

New job nerves and how to handle them

No matter how experienced we become, starting a new job still has the ability to transport us back to that first-day-at-school feeling. However, it needn’t be the sleepless night and sweaty palm-inducing experience we fear. Read on to find out some helpful do’s and don’ts to make sure your new employment adventure is plain sailing…

How to ace telephone interviews

Not every job interview involves a face-to-face showdown – in the case of the telephone interview it’s all about voice to voice. But what is a telephone interview for? What’s covered? And how do you give the best account of yourself during one? We asked John Lees, author of a wide range of career books – including The Interview Expert – to give us his top tips…

How to practise for job interviews

There are few situations as nerve-racking as job interviews. In fact, for many people, the very thought of them can induce sweaty palms and a dry throat. There is, of course, a great deal that you can do to prepare – and not just in terms of what to say. Here, with the help of some industry experts, we examine the benefits of mock interviews and how to make the most of them… 

Knockout interviewing: how to come across well at your interview

Making a good impression at interview isn’t just about what you say. What you communicate through your body language and appearance also has an impact, so here’s how to boost your chances of success…

What are competency-based interviews?

We’re all more than aware of how stressful interviews can be, but try throwing a new and unfamiliar formula into the mix… Competency-based interviews are increasingly popular among recruiters but there really is nothing to fear if you know what to expect. We walk you through some of the common questions and give you hints and tips on how to deal with them…

Interview questions you shouldn’t be asked

Laws like the Equality Act 2010 intend to prevent companies from not employing people because of their race, religion or sex. They’re designed to stop discrimination and mean there are certain questions an employer is not allowed to ask you in a job interview.