How to Maintain Motivation at Work – 10 Tips

If you find your motivation is lacking at this time of year, you’re not alone, but follow career coach Denise Taylor’s ten top tips on how get your motivation back and you’ll soon be whistling while you work!Denise Taylor - Career Coach

  1. Have a think about what you’ve already done and what has and hasn’t worked. That way you can easily say, ‘ well I’ve done x, y and z’, or ‘I haven’t really done very much at all.’ Use this as an opportunity then to think about other things you could do.
  2. Ask yourself ‘what do I need to get motivated for?’ Is it to get a new job, to apply for a promotion, or to avoid redundancy? Perhaps you need to appear more motivated to your manager? Recognising what you need to be doing and for what reason will help you focus.
  3. Think about what’s going to help you with your career. Perhaps it might be something to do with social media. You might be well connected with your friends on Facebook, but have you thought about joining Twitter or Linked In to make work connections? It’s something you need to be exploring.
  4. Start networking. Nobody knows what’s going to happen in the future, and one of the surest ways to get a job is through who you know. This means you need to start developing your contacts now, even if you don’t need them yet.
  5. Have you really thought about where you want your career to go? Do you know what you want to do with your career and do you have a plan? For example, in the long-term do you want to be your own boss, have your own company, or work a three-day week? If you work three days, how much do you need to be earning to survive? These sorts of questions will help you to focus, so that you can then put steps into place to achieve your goal.
  6. Don’t go into hibernation! It can be tempting at this time of year to think, ‘oh, I’ll wait until after Christmas before I make plans’, but this is just putting it off. Stay focused now and continue to take action.
  7. A great way to motivate yourself is by helping somebody else. Think about how you can be more proactive – how can you help your boss a bit more? Are there any other projects you could volunteer to work on? Many people just sit there and do the absolute minimum because they have an ‘it’s not my job’ mentality, but it can be useful to do a bit more. That way your boss will see you as a ‘good worker’, and possibly put you forward for that promotion, or a special project that’s coming up. It could also help to safeguard against redundancy.
  8. Stay healthy. It can be tempting right now to fill up on biccies and stodge but this can really affect your motivation levels. If you put healthy things into your body it helps you keep a healthy mind and stop you from feeling dull and sluggish.
  9. What about the short-term? It’s all very well thinking about the long-term but what about asking yourself what you can do in the next three weeks to help your career? It might be to read a self-help book, an industry journal or to contribute to the staff newspaper. Ask yourself what you can do this week to help you in your career and you may be surprised!
  10. Decide you’re going to be happy in your job. Sometimes it can be as simple as making that mental shift and making a conscious decision to be happy and motivated. Rather than focusing on what you don’t like about your job, look at the elements you do like and try to incorporate more of these into your day.

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